Where to find gold nuggets in Maine

Maine Gold Locations

Maine is a very big state, and anyone who has driven around there knows just how huge it is. Lots and lots of trees (and moose of course)! But, there is also lots of gold to be found in Maine.

Coos Canyon in Byron, Maine

By far the most popular spot is in Byron at Coos Canyon along the Swift River and the East Branch of the Swift River. There is a great little Rock & Mineral shop there called Coos Canyon Rock & Gift. You can but prospecting supplies there as well as learn panning techniques.

Here are some other locations as published by the state of Maine:




Swift River and its tributaries

Byron area

Oxford, Franklin

Sandy River

Madrid to New Sharon


South Branch-Penobscot River

Sandy Bay; Bald Mtn; Prentiss


Gold Brook



Gold Brook

Chain of Ponds; Kibby


Gold Brook

Chase Stream


Gold Brook

T5 R6; Appleton Township


Nile Brook

Dallas; Rangeley


Kibby Stream



St. Croix River



But of course, there are MANY other great locations…you just got to do your homework. For example, this is what I call the New England Prospector’s Bible and is an important resource for all prospectors looking for gold in the northeast:

Just remember to bring this book with you whenever you are traveling the back roads of New England (and but sure to always have a pan and shovel in your trunk).

Finding gold along the Kennebec Riber

Here is a great example of how you need to sample the ground wherever you go in NE. My wife Heidi and I were camping up north in Maine a few years back along the Kennebec River. I thought I would try our the dirt along the shoreline and to my great surprise, there was gold! So I checked my book and sure enough, that area was listed as gold bearing. So do your homework!

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